How We Generate Traffic

Most other traffic services send very poor traffic.

They use banner ad impressions, pop-unders, emails and autosurf scripts. Most users will not even see your site! We use a different approach.

Our targeted traffic is delivered by using REAL VISITORS using tried and tested methods which deliver time and time again. We get customers returning to us month after month for quality traffic and we are sure that you will too.

How It Works will begin the advertising campaign within 48 hours from the purchase time. All services are conducted on a first come, first serve basis.

We generate tageted traffic by using REAL VISITORS directed from abandoned domains. Every day, abandoned domain names are purchased that have traffic coming to them. Basically, the traffic coming from these websites is redirected to your website.

These abandoned domains have traffic on them, and the previous owners either listed them on search engines, on lists and marketed them so now, YOU reap their hard work by having us direct this traffic to your website. This type of redirection is very effective because it does not interrupt the web user’s online experience.

All visitor campaigns will be completed in 30 days. If we are unable to deliver all of your visitors within the 30 day time frame you are eligible for a refund. This refund will be issued on a pro-rata basis.

It is very important that you understand the difference between a visit and a hit.

A visit occurs when someone loads your webpage. A hit is not necessarily a unique visit. Technically, a hit occurs whenever a file is loaded. For example, when you loaded this page you generated quite a few hits. There was one for each image you loaded and one for the page itself. That’s a lot more than one unique visit! In common usage, people are referring to visits when in fact what they mean are hits.


We send you QUALITY visitors that many services cannot offer (or, they trick you into thinking that they are sending high quality visitors). Many services send visitors who never even see your page!  They use various tricks to send the traffic so that it looks like someone saw your site. The visitors we send WILL ACTUALLY see your website.